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Hey, my pals.  If you know me very well, you know I never pass up a chance to test out and review dog toys!  Mom says I have too many toys, but I disagree. I need options.  When my pals at goDog asked if I would try out some of their new toys, of course I said yes.  Then, when they showed up at the door and Mom brought them in, I acted like I was surprised … hehehe.

What are RhinoPlay toys?

goDog RhinoPlay Dog Toys Review - PrestonSpeaks.com

These toys are made from light but durable non-toxic molded foam so they are great for us to play with indoors without breaking anything.  Of course I mean if you humans throw it and hit something by accident, we dogs would never break anything.  They also float, so if your dog is one of those who likes to play in the water (not me) you can throw them into the lake for them to fetch.  To see how durable they were, I had my dog brother Elvis test them out (since he has destructive tendencies) and they stood up well.

goDog RhinoPlay Dog Toys Review - PrestonSpeaks.comThere are four different toys and they all come in two sizes.  One size for big dogs, and one size is for smaller dogs (who think they are big dogs).

  • Flip – This is like an egg-shaped Frisbee. The best part is, when it lands, there is always an edge we can get our mouth around.  I hate it when there is no way for me to pick up a Frisbee.  goDog understands our dog problems … hehehe.
  • Vexo –  This looks like a stick. I really liked this one since it was easy for me to carry around and for the rents to throw.
  • Beast Ball – This ball never goes flat and even bounces!
  • Cirq –  This toy reminds me of a doughnut with a square cut out of the middle. The really great part is you can put treats in the middle for us (I know, brilliant idea).

goDog RhinoPlay Dog Toys Review - PrestonSpeaks.com

Overall, I give these toys two paws up, and I had a lot of fun testing them out. To learn more about the RhinoPlay toys, go to: http://rhinoplay.com/

Disclosure – The RhinoPlay toys products were provided to my rents and I free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.

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